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Create Lists Function

This section includes an introduction to the claims lists used by the Serials Department in order to run searches for items that might need to be claimed as well as a guide on how to run the lists.

  1. In Sierra, change the function to "Create Lists".
  2. The Serials Department has 6 lists for claims.
    • List 30: EBSCO Claims xx/xx/xx
    • List 31: HARR Claims xx/xx/xx
    • List 32: Misc Claims xx/xx/xx
    • List 33: Gift Claims xx/xx/xx
    • List 34: Paid Exch Claims xx/xx/xx
    • List 35: Depository/Free Exch Claims xx/xx/xx

To run a list (search for possible claims):

  1. Select the claims list you want to search for possible claims.
  2. Select the "Search Records" button and select "Yes" you want to over-write the contents of this review file and would like to continue.
  3. Create list using existing lists each week. For HARR and EBSCO claim lists, you will select "use existing search" and then select either list 30 or 31 from the menu that appears. The previous search criteria for each list will load. Just be sure to change the dates in both the lists' names and in row 4 under the Value A column. If for some reason your search criteria gets wiped, see the following screenshots for how to re-enter it:
    1. EBSCO: EBSCO create list criteria
    2. HARR: HARR list search criteria

How to use Ebsconet and Fokus

**NOTE: For gift claims follow the same procedures but you will usually send emails/letters. You may have to do some research if the information is out-of-date or email bounces back.

Claiming Function

Select the Claiming Function

  1. Change “RANGE” in left corner to “REVIEW”.
  2. Choose the claim list that you want to work with. You can stop at any point and return where you left off.
  3. While in the check-in function, you can access the claiming function by pressing Ctrl+L while in the check-in card. This is useful when running into a situation that requires a claim during the check-in process, most commonly claiming for a damage replacement or skipped issue.
  4. Here is a screenshot of what the claiming function looks like, and some key features:
  5. When pulling up a record in the review file, the red box marked “late” will be selected. There will sometimes be multiple boxes. These are the boxes that qualify for claiming as specified by the parameters.
  6. With the box(es) selected, elect “claim one” (or “claim all” for multiple issues) to claim the issue(s) (see the vendor claims page for more information regarding when to claim and how to use the web-based vendor claiming systems).
  7. After selecting “claim one,” this box will appear:                                                                                                                 claim box
  8. Enter FOKUS or HARR in the note section and then your date/initials (this denotes the "claim type" as it will be printed on the claims slip). Copy this note.
  9. Paste the note into the check-in record under parameters. Then, enter the issue you are claiming in abbreviated form. Denote whether or not it is skipped or damaged. Attach any responses or updates from the vendor or publisher. As the claim progresses, the note should look something like this (note that it contains claim type, d/I, issue info, and a status update from HARR in that order): claim note with response

Send Claims Function & Printing Claim Slips

When you are ready to print claim slips: Go to “Send Claims” Function. Click on the drop down menu in the middle and choose the “xx claims to send via email”. Choose “Move All to Print File”. Then go back to “xx claims to Print”. Put claim slips in your printer, with the top of the slips facing left. Click “Claim Print”. Keep choosing print until it start to print. DO NOT SAY YES to “was printout okay?” until everything has printed and you are 100% sure it is okay. Once you answer yes they are gone and cannot be reprinted!

Detach the far right portion of the claim slips (this is the part that will be filed, with the rest of the claim slip paper being discarded). Highlight title, claim number and volume / issue number then file alphabetically in claims drawer.

Processing Newly Printed Claim Slips & How to File the Claim Slips

Processing Newly Printed Claim Slips Overview:


  • The Serials Access Specialist might ask the work study/hourly employees to help with processing newly printed claim slips. This involves highlighting certain information for each claim slip, ripping and separating the claim slips, put the claim slips in alphabetical order by title, and filing the claim slips in the "outstanding claims" cabinet located on the Serials Access Specialist's desk.
    • Before filing the claim slips:
      • ​Start with highlighting each claim slip.
        • Highlight the title, claim number, and the enumeration/cover date.
        • Claiming for multiple location copies:
          • If you discover that we have claimed for 2 copies of the same title and enumeration/cover date, then highlight the location on the claim slips for each location copy. This is the ONLY time you will highlight the location on the claim slip.
          • For example if we have claimed for 2 (2017/2018) copies for ARKCO and MAIN, then you will highlight ARKCO on one claim slip and highlight MAIN on the other claim slip. 

  • After you highlight all the claim slips, now you can proceed to rip along the perforation, separate the claim slips, and put the claim slips in alphabetical order by title. 
    • Each claim slip sheet is made up of three claim slips that need to be ripped and separated. Each claim slip (the claim slip will have "CITE P.O. # INVOICE, BILL IN QUADRUPLICATE" written on it) has to be ripped along the perforation and separated from the "SHIP TO" "VENDOR" "RETURN THIS COPY WITH MATERIAL OR REPORT" side.​
      • The "SHIP TO" "VENDOR" "RETURN THIS COPY WITH MATERIAL OR REPORT" side will be discarded. 
      • ​​
      • We only file the "CITE P.O. # INVOICE, BILL IN QUADRUPLICATE" claim slips.
      • Put the claim slips in alphabetical order by title.
      • Go to the next tab "How to file claim slips"  to find out how to file claim slips.

How to File Claim Slips:


When filing claim slips, file by the three criteria :

Start with TITLE :

  • Nothing before Something (News will come before Newsletter will come before Newsletters)
  • Remember that leading articles are not part of alphabetization (regardless of the language- The, An, El, Le/La/L’ etc). For example, "L'Express" gets filed as "Express" would.
  • BUT articles within the journal title are part of the alphabetization (Journal of Dentistry will come before Journal of the American Society of Social Policy).


  • Numerical order

            And then LOCATION (if claiming for each copy of the same issue for multiple locations)-

  • file alphabetical by location code
  • Arkco, Chemp, Falpe, Govref, Main, Math, Per, Pers, Physp, Ref, Spco etc.


  • When filing Annual Report, Arkansas, Proceedings and Newsletters: file by title (full title ends with a full stop/period ( . )) and then alphabetically by the author or society/organization: it will be the next name on the claim slip.
  • Examples: ConocoPhillips or Lions International or Arkansas Genealogical Society.

If you have ANY questions, please ask. It is better to ask until you are 100% sure than to guess and file things incorrectly.