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Damaged Issues

Damaged Issues:

  1. Claim with the appropriate vendor.
  2. Add a check-in box in front of the “damaged at serials” box. Claim the new box by right-clicking and choosing “Card Function” (or Ctrl+L, then clicking "claim one"). This will allow you to claim and print at the end of the day.
  3. Suppress this box.
  4. Add a public note saying "Perfect Copy Reqd (date/initials)."
  5. Put a note in the check-in record just like other claims.
  6. Write damaged (d/i) and clmd (date/initials) on the label of the piece and put it on the shelf w/ other damaged issues.

If you are unable to successfully claim for a replacement copy or told that one can be obtained at a cost, refer to the replacement procedures.

For more details on the check-in process for damaged issues and flawless replacement copies, see the Damaged Items / Journal Maintenance section of the Serials Receiving & Processing StaffGuide.