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Claims Trello Board

The Claims Trello board can be used to monitor issues that may need to be claimed at some point in the near future. This is useful for newspapers that you notice are skipped issues, but may show up within the next few days. This is also a common occurrence for some high frequency titles. With experience, you will get a feel for this.

The New York Times is a good example:

Claiming restrictions Sierra note

Since they require a 10-day period to elapse before you can claim an issue, it is a good idea to create a Trello card for these under the "newspapers: monitoring" column on the board.

Each Trello card contains fields where you can enter the reported on/claimed on/received dates, vendor code, and assign a due date for the card. You can add a staff member to the card by selecting his/her avatar, which sends an e-mail notification to the staff member and allows them to monitor the situation. Comments can be used to enter the enumeration/cover date information for the issue in question, as well as any updates.

In addition to columns for reporting newspapers, the board also columns where you can report skipped issues for periodical titles, correspondence for situations sent to the Serials Acquisitions Manager and/or Binding (i.e. issues that have come up for replacement decisions), online analyzed titles, monitoring and claimed sections for individual staff members, and internet claims. You can subscribe to receive e-mail notifications for a column by selected the triple dot at the top of the column, next to its name, and then selecting "watch."

Finally, this board is where you can find helpful info for specific vendors and titles that require special handling; for example, EBSCO rep contact information and Elsevier standing orders.

When a claiming situation is resolved (i.e. the issue has been received and checked in), please move the card to the "done" column and then archive it.