RefWorks (New version)

This guide will provide tips on using the New RefWorks, a version introduced in 2016. This varies from the usual version of RefWorks, now known as legacy RefWorks.

Creating Bibliographies

Now that you have your references in an organized and sustainable program, you are able to create simple bibliographies straight from RefWorks, or within a Microsoft Word document or Google document.

You are able to use a variety of formats or output styles supplied within RefWorks, or may modify or create your own style if necessary.

Simple Bibliographies/Works Cited lists

Go go the Create Bibliography button within RefWorks to make easy lists of formatted citations, or to create a single in-text citation to be copied and pasted into a word document.

You can easily switch from one format/style to another, or can use the Citation Style Editor to modify an existing style to meet your needs.