StaffGuide: Serials Work Study & Hourly Employees

Flagged Items (Blue Flag=Corrections and Errata)

Processing a Blue Flagged Item from the Claim/Errata Section on the Cart:

Handling Errata, Corrections and Retractions (errors or corrections/blue flagged issues)

Where are these found?

  • Issues with blue flags can be found on a cart closest to the serials processing table.

Photocopying errata:

Binding needs the photocopies to be as perfect as possible.  You may need to explore the Image Quality settings (Darkness and Sharpness) on the copier to produce the best copy. Also, you might need extra sheets of blank paper to cover up potential dark/shadow areas to help create a perfect copy. This process may take awhile, and you might go through lots of trial and error in order to create a perfect copy.

While photocopying, remember to:

  • Leave as much left margin as possible.
  • Place material as flat as possible on the copier.
    • Make sure the copy you are photocopying is flat on the copier machine. If you notice that your photocopy is distorted or blurred, try again to make a perfect copy.
  • Not have a photocopy with black or gray areas. The photocopy should be clear and white. No shadows and black strips!
    • To obtain all-white copies you may be required to change the settings on the copier, particularly the image sharpness and brightness options. Also, you might need blank sheets of white paper to cover up potential dark/shadow areas.
  • Photocopy first flagged errata.  Confirm the errata is one single page or two pages. If there are multiple errata, continue copying until complete. 

After photocopying:

  • Remember to use mechanical pencil while writing on the photocopy. If you notice that the pencil is smearing, please use a different pencil.
  • In the upper left corner of the photocopy, you will write exactly what is on the call number label (the location, call number, and even the enumeration and/or cover date). If the page does not have a clear white area in the upper left corner, take a blank call number label (ask your supervisor for supply), write the call number on the label, and attach it to the photocopy.
  • Remember to paperclip two-page errata pages together.



  • Place photocopy and/or photocopies in Binding Basket.
  • Place issue(s) on the Serials processing table for further processing (security strip if applicable and place on pick up shelf).