StaffGuide: Serials Work Study & Hourly Employees

Flagged Items (Yellow flag=Claimed)

Processing a Yellow Flagged Item from the Claim/Errata Section on the Cart:

Serials (mostly periodicals) that have been flagged with a yellow flag should be placed in the claims section on the cart closest to the serials processing table.

After the flagged item is in the claims section on the cart, a serials staff member (often an hourly employee or work study employee) will pick up the yellow flagged journal from the cart then proceed to find the claim slip in the  "outstanding claims" wooden file cabinet. This small wooden cabinet is located on the Serials Access Specialist's desk.

Outstanding Claims File Cabinet: 

  • Each outstanding claims drawer contains claim slips arranged in alphabetical order based on the journal title. 
  • Pull the correct claim slip. Make sure the information on the claim slip (title and volume and/or issue number) matches the issue in hand. If it doesn't match or you can't find the claim slip, please ask the Serials Access Specialist about it.
  • Once the claim slip is found and verified, write "Recd (Date/Your initials)" on the top part of the claim slip and place the claim slip in the "Pulled Claim Slips" section/tray on the Serials Access Specialist's desk. The "Pulled Claim Slips" section is on top of the Outstanding Claims Cabinet.
  • The Serials Access Specialist will then review the claim slip to remove any unnecessary claiming notes in the check-in record/card and resolve the claim in Sierra.

Claim Slip Received

What do I do if an item has a yellow flag and a blue flag?

Note: Sometimes items will contain multiple flags. If an item contains a yellow claiming flag and blue correction flag (the yellow flag will stick out from the bottom and the blue flag from the top.):

  • First, process the claim (yellow flag) and then proceed to photocopy the correction (blue flag).
  • Once the claim slip (and errata, if applicable) are processed, the item will usually be ready for stamping (if applicable) and stripping (if applicable). 

Exceptions include:

  • Microfilm and microfiche: These items are not security stripped or stamped; therefore they can be shelved at the designated pick up shelf directly after pulling the claim slip.
  • Binding: Items going to binding should be placed directly in the binding basket without stamping or stripping.
  • Routed journals: Routed journals are not security stripped or stamped and should be placed directly in the routed journal basket once the claiming and/or errata flags have been processed. 
    • Example of a routed journal:

 Routed Journal Example