StaffGuide: Serials Work Study & Hourly Employees

Student Board in Trello

Student Board in Trello:

The Student Board in Trello is essentially a dashboard and project management tool between the Serials work study/hourly supervisor or project manager and the Serials work study and hourly employees. Only those who have been added to the board can access this board. Please contact the Serials work study/hourly supervisor (Serials Processing Specialist) for access.

What can be found on this board?

  • Announcements
  • To Do List: To do tasks, duties, and projects going to be worked on in the near future. 
  • Doing List: Tasks, duties, and projects currently being worked on. 
  • Projects Done List: Each semester will have a "projects done" list. This helps keep a history of projects completed during each semester. 
  • Past announcements