Evidence-based Practice: Some Tools to Find It

Books + etc.

Books and government documents can be found using our Libraries' catalog and/or through OneSearch. Literature reviews and systematic reviews may be book-length, and not uncommonly are published as government documents, as well as in the form of journal articles.

Search by keyword, author, or title for books or government documents-- look for location, call number and status or links to online content to find the item.

For concepts and terminology

Not all 'dictionaries' are dictionaries. These examples act more like encyclopedias and give good background. When the entries are signed, the names can be a clue to authors to follow up on in the literature.The top link is to a long list of various titles, the links below that are examples from that list. There are many more.

Finding books on "how to"

If you search the catalog with "systematic review* as a keyword search, you'll find titles about this process in particular subjects. You'll also see that it may mean different things in different fields such as biology.

A call number with a book means that it is probably on the shelves. If you click on the title, you'll see the record and be able to tell if the book is available. Some books have both print and online copies. Some are only online.

Search OneSearch for Books, Journals, Videos, and more

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Some examples from our catalog