StaffGuide: Project Ferrari-- Mobile Instruction Tablets

Notes and suggestions for the group of iPads, and using them for instruction.

Mobile Instruction Use Policy

  • consists of 6 iPad Air tablets, and 1 MacBook Air laptop stored in a dark grey protective cart (with a DLF sticker).
  • consists of 6 ipad Air tablets stored in a light grey protective cart.
  • The cart(s) and tablets are in room 220Q in the reference offices of Mullins Library.
  • Please do not ever leave the tablets and equipment unattended.
  • Be sure all tablets are returned before students leave the classroom.
  • Please bring the cart back to 220Q when finished. 

The iPads can be scheduled, by librarians or for librarians and library graduate assistants; especially those affiliated with the Instruction and Liaison Services department of University of Arkansas Libraries. In case of a scheduling conflict, library-related instruction has priority. Use the Scheduling assistant in Outlook to place an appointment on the calendar for and Be careful-- the College of Education has a similar set-up for iPads. 

The tablets are not available individually. The tablets are not available to faculty or grad students from other colleges unless there is a librarian specifically present and involved with the class.

Appointments for the group of tablets are on a first-come, first-served basis; in case of a conflict, instruction takes priority.

  • To set up a reservation for the tablets, request a meeting using the Scheduling Assistant on the Exchange calendar for or  Individuals may also ask to have the ipads calendar shared with them to facilitate scheduling.
    • We will try to keep them updated and charged. Please notify Necia, Michelle or Marei if there is a problem with the tablets.
  • The tablets have wireless access but not data service. You will need to have access to the University's WiFi or other WiFi to get online.
  • The ipads should use the UARK Wi-Fi network automatically. If not, go to Settings (icon looks like a gear wheel, on the second screen) and choose it from the Wi Fi roster, using the appropriate login and password to log in; the login is on a card in a ziplock bag in the cart.
  • Please don’t download apps unless they are needed for a class. If you need additional apps or software on the iPads, please seek assistance in advance, so we can get them loaded and working.
  • The tablets are not drop-proof and should be handled with care.
  • Check to see that the tablets are unplugged from their individual power cords while being transported in the protective case to avoid damage.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean screens, if needed. Do not use Windex, alcohol, saliva, or any cleaner on the screens.