RefWorks (New version)

This guide will provide tips on using the New RefWorks, a version introduced in 2016. This varies from the usual version of RefWorks, now known as legacy RefWorks.

Importing from Databases

One of the easiest ways to populate your New RefWorks accounts is to import citations from various library databases.  This can include QuickSearch, JSTOR, Ebsco databases, Web of Science, and many others.

In most cases, you will:

  1. Mark or save the references you wish to add to your account.
  2. Look for a button or link to export or save your marked records.
  3. Choose the option to export directly to RefWorks
  4. Login to RefWorks (you may be asked to choose between legacy and New RefWorks at this point).
  5. Your references will be automatically placed in the "last imported" folder, unless you designate another destination.

Upload a document/Import references/Create new reference

Documents that are saved onto your computer may be uploaded into New RefWorks.  The file as well as the metadata will be added to your account.  Go to the +Add  button along the menu bar. 

You may also drag a document from your computer, and drop it into the Center Pane. 

You may also Import References from a file on your computer, or from another citation manager. Use the + Add button, then Import References.  Formats accepted include legacy RefWorks, Mendeley files, RIS, and PubMed files.

Finally, files can be manually created (typed in by hand), or you can have the RefWorks/Proquest software look for a match for your record.  For example, after going to the +Add button, and selecting Create new reference, a window will open on the right.  Start typing the title of the article in the title field, and search using the lightning bolt icon to the right of the Title field.  A set of possible matches will be presented in the bottom right of the screen. Scroll and find what best matches your article.  Highlight that article and it will be uploaded into your account.  If you do not find a match, you may continue to type in the relevant information.  Click Save to save the reference to your account.