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NEW!  Affordable/OER Course Redesign Workshop

(Pilot Program)


What is it? 

These workshops provide faculty with a “Sprint” style opportunity to work on converting courses to an open/affordable format. Classes that do not require a full/complete traditional textbook are excellent candidates for this program. Instructors who would like to utilize open educational resources, free online resources, and electronic library materials can submit applications to participate in the workshop. The program goals are to 

  • provide students with affordable access to course content in place of traditional textbooks, 
  • to support faculty teaching innovation by assisting instructors in locating course materials and helping them design courses that complement teaching goals and learning objectives

When is it? 

The Affordable/OER Course Redesign Workshops occur once during the spring semester and once during the summer term. Applicants may indicate on the application if they’d like to attend the workshop in late spring, or during the scheduled summer session. 

How do I apply? 

Potential applicants must schedule a pre-application consultation with the OER Team to discuss the viability of their proposal before applying. The application should outline their course needs and ideas for conversion to OER and affordable resources. 

How does it work? 

Once accepted as participants must 

  • Attend (in-person) at least four scheduled working group sessions. These will be scheduled over a three-week time frame during the spring and summer terms. Participants are expected to complete an outline and project plan before arriving for the first sprint workshop so that all workshop time can be as productive as possible. During these sessions (2-hour time blocks), program participants will find and review available resources, find or create required graphics, develop supplemental resources needed for the course, such as slides, test banks, worksheets, homework, solution manuals, etc. Librarians and instructional designers will be available at each session to assist. 
  • Submit a final course outline and final bibliography of course resources, including any resources they created and openly licensed during the sprint workshops. Resources created by participants will be ingested into the institutional repository as supplemental/ancillary resources.   

Participants will be paid in two installments. The first ($1000), after attending the four required workshops; the second ($500) after they have taught the course using the resources and submitted the final reflection report. Participants will be required to openly license all resources created as part of the workshop program.  

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