RefWorks (Legacy version)

This guide will present RefWorks to help with managing your sources as you research.

Backing up and Exporting your Database

Your RefWorks database lives on the Web so it is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

However, there may be times when you want to save your database to a local hard drive or import it into another program, such as EndNote or Zotero.

The Backup/Restore feature allows you to create a file that is a copy of your account that can only be restored in RefWorks.

The Export feature allows you to save a copy of your database in the following formats:

  • Bibliographic Software (EndNote, Reference Manager, ProCite)
    Saves the database in a tagged format that can import into another bibliographic management program. It is the format sometimes called the RIS Format or Reference Manager Format and can be imported into Reference Manager, ProCite, EndNote, or any other program that supports the RIS Format.
  • BibTeX – Ref ID
    Saves the database in the file format for use with the LaTeX document preparation system.
  • Citation List
    Creates a list to use when writing your paper offline. The format includes the RefID, Authors Primary, Title Primary, and Publication Year only.
  • RefWorks Tagged Format
    Saves the database in a format similar to the bibliographic management software format. This is a tagged format. The data layout, however, is patterned after the RefWorks database as opposed to tags that match with other bibliographic programs. Use this format for backup purposes and for sharing data with other RefWorks users.
  • RefWorks XML Format
    Saves the data in an XML version of the RefWorks Tagged Format.There is also a plain XML option.
  • Tab Delimited
    Saves all your data in an organized manner with each field separated by a tab. It may then be loaded into other programs that are designed to read this type of format.

Alumni Access

UofA alumni and emeritus faculty may retain their RefWorks accounts. 

Upon graduation or retirement, you should edit your RefWorks profile to change User Type to Alumnus

RefWorks Tutorials

refworks tutorials

Sorry there's no video on this topic, but see the Refworks help screens for info on Managing References.