RefWorks (Legacy version)

This guide will present RefWorks to help with managing your sources as you research.

Adding Notes and Custom Fields

RefWorks offers 15 customizable fields in each record.  These fields can store unlimited characters, and can be used for notes, direct quotations, tracking items seen or not seen, and posting ideas about additional research avenues.  Once you add text to these custom fields, they become searchable as part of your RefWorks database. 

User defined fields

By default, these fields are labeled User 1 through User 15.  You can customize the field names by going to the Customize area found across the top, or in the Quick Access frame on the right.

    By customizing field names, you can limit your database searches to those specific fields.  For example, a field labeled ResearchType might allow you to track case studies, research summaries, best practices, controlled experiments, etc.  Of course, you would have to input that field information for each record. 

    Other ideas for custom field names:

    • DateSeen
    • WhereConsulted
    • ToBeRead/NotYetRead
    • PositiveTreatment/NegativeTreatment
    • PositiveOutcome/NegativeOutcome
    • SchoolofThought

    RefWorks Tutorials

    refworks tutorials

    Sorry, no RefWorks video on this topic.But check out the help screens here.