RefWorks (Legacy version)

This guide will present RefWorks to help with managing your sources as you research.

Choosing your Favorite Output Styles

RefWorks has hundreds and hundreds of output styles. In addition to the familiar APA, MLA, and Chicago/Turabian, you can choose from hundreds of society and journal styles, such as the Academy of Management Journal style or the stylesheet for the journal Zoonoses and Public Health. Use the Output Style Manager to select the styles you use most often in your work.

The Output Style Manager allows you to create an abbreviated, custom version of the RefWorks output style list. This makes it easier for you to navigate and locate the styles you use most often.You can establish your Favorites, which always display at the top of the output style drop-down in the Bibliography area, when adding or editing references, or when using Write-N-Cite.

To use the Output Style Manager:

  1. Select Output Style Manager from the Bibliography menu, or found on the Quick Access frame on the right.
  2. The Output Style Manager will open.
  3. Choose the Output Styles you want as Favorites by "moving" them to the right side of the pane. 
    To view the style before moving it, select the style and click on the Preview Styles button.
  4. You can remove a style from your Favorites by selecting the style and clicking on the Remove button.  You can remove all styles in your Favorites by just clicking on the Remove All button.

RefWorks Tutorials

Refowrks 2.0 help menu

Check out the help screens on customizing your output styles list.