RefWorks Exporting and Importing Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for getting citations out of library databases and into RefWorks

NASA Astrophysics Data System: ADS

Single Citation

  1. When viewing the full record for an item you wish to save, look for the Export Citation link on the left menu.
  2. Choose the RefWork format and download the file. 
  3. Sign into your RefWorks account. 
  4. Choose References > Import.
  5. For Import Filter / Data source choose RefWorks Tagged Format  and Database Tagged Format. 
  6. Browse to locate the file you saved.
  7. Click Import... your reference will be imported. 

Multiple Citations

  1. Sign into your ADS account or create one if you have not already done so.
  2. As you search, add records to a personal ADS Library. 
  3. When ready to export, navigate to your library. 
  4. You have Export options for BibTeX or RIS.  Choose the format you prefer and download the file. 
  5. Sign into your RefWorks account. 
  6. Choose References > Import.
  7. For Import Filter / Data soucrce choose BibTex and Database NASA ADS or RIS Format and Database RIS Format. 
  8. Browse to locate the file you saved.
  9. Click Import... your references will be imported.