RefWorks Exporting and Importing Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for getting citations out of library databases and into RefWorks

Index Arkansas

  1. Mark the records you wish to export by clicking the Save Record button to the left of each record.
    Important: be sure and click the Save button on each page.
  2. When you have completed searching, click on the View Saved button on the top of the screen. Review your record set.
  3. To export items, under Format of List choose Full Display and under Send List to select Send to local disk. Hit the Submit button.
  4. A new window appears prompting you to find, save, or cancel. Save the download as a Text (.txt) file to a local drive.
  5. To import the references, select Innovative Interfaces Innopac as the Import Filter and select Arkansas Publications Index as the database. Browse for the appropriate file, attach it, then hit the Import button.