RefWorks Exporting and Importing Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for getting citations out of library databases and into RefWorks

Oxford Reference Databases

Note, in some cases, dictionary and encyclopedia entries may not have the correct metadata. 

  • Item types may be incorrectly marked as "journal arficles."

  • The publication title may be omitted, for example A Dictionary of Celtic Mythology, Oxford University Press, 2004. 

For these reasons, we do not currently recommend direct export to RefWorks from Oxford Reference Online. 

Oxford African American Studies Center, Oxford Art Online, and Oxford Music Online seem to work correctly.  

  1. Search for the desired item. Go into the full record for the item.
  2. Each database is a little different.  When viewing an article that you would like to capture the citation for, click the "Cite" button at the top left of the page OR look for a pencil / cite icon on the upper right of the page. 
  3. A new window will pop up with citation examples, as well as links to export your citation.
  4. Under Download to Citation Management Software or Export Citation  click the RefWorks link.
  5. A new window appears prompting you to find, save, or cancel. Save the file in a local directory; save it as an .ris file.
  6. In RefWorks, choose RIS Format as the Import Filter and as the database name. Browse for the appropriate file, attach it, then hit the Import button. The item imports.