RefWorks Exporting and Importing Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for getting citations out of library databases and into RefWorks


  1. Perform a search and mark the references you want to export.
  2. On the top menu bar, choose Save or Save / Export.
  3. Choose the option fro RefWorks.
  4. The export will open RefWorks if it is not already open; you will be prompted to login if you have not already logged in.
  5. Your references will be imported into your account.

ProQuest Ebook Central

  1. When viewing a full book record, look for the Cite Book option on the right menu.
  2. A window will open.
  3. Under Export Citation, choose RefWorks.
  4. A new RefWorks window will open, and you will be prompted to login if you have not already done so.
  5. The record for the book volume will be imported into your RefWorks account.

ProQuest: Early English Books Online

  1. Search for the desired item. Select it by checking the box next to the item.
  2. At top of the results list, on the toolbar with Home, Marked list, Search history, and Help, click the Marked list link.
  3. A new window opens and your citation appears. At the top of the screen, click the "Download records" button.
  4. A new window opens. Select the Direct export to RefWorks link and the item is automatically imported

You can also download the citation as a Text (.txt) file and save it to your computer.

  1. After clicking the "Download records' button and going into the new window, select Download to EndNote, ProCite, or Reference Manager.
  2. A new window appears prompting you to find, save, or cancel. Save the file to a local directory as a Text (.txt) file.
  3. Log in to RefWorks. Select RIS format as both the Import filter and Database. Browse for the appropriate file, attach it, then hit the Import button. The item is imported.