ScholarWorks@UARK User Guides


All material in the repository is subject to applicable copyright laws and University of Arkansas Academic Policy 1220.10, Use of Copyrighted Materials for Educational and Research Purposes. Although ScholarWorks@UARK staff can provide consultation, we cannot give legal advice. It is the contributor’s responsibility to ensure that deposit of material does not violate copyright law.

Please use The Copyright Way Finder (see below) to help you determine if a particular item is eligible for posting in ScholarWorks@UARK. Also, the website SHERPA/RoMEO provides an up-dated index of the standard rights and permissions contained in the publishing agreements of most major scholarly journals and commercial publishers.

When depositing work in the repository, the author signs a non-exclusive distribution license.

The author retains all other rights in the work, including without limitation, the right to copy and distribute the work. Essentially, this non-exclusive license means that, unless the author has already granted copyright or other rights to another party, the author may publish, post, deposit, or otherwise use the work as he/she wishes.

ScholarWorks@UARK will provide open access to the complete work only when there is confirmation that the copyright holder (e.g., the publisher of a previously published article) has granted permission for the work to be made accessible.  If the ScholarWorks@UARK staff receives proof of copyright violation, the item will be withdrawn.

ScholarWorks@UARK may keep more than one copy of deposited material and may translate deposited material to any medium or format for the purpose of display, security, and back-up. ScholarWorks@UARK will not make any alteration to the content of deposited material itself, other than as allowed by this license.

ScholarWorks@UARK retains the right to redistribute or amend metadata for contributed items, to withdraw items or collections as outlined below under the heading "Withdrawal," and to renegotiate terms of the original agreement with the author as warranted.