ScholarWorks@UARK User Guides

Submission Process

We invite you to utilize our DIY submission process for any of your work you would like to add into the repository!

Please find our step-by-step guide below. 

If you want to add audio or video, please allow us to assist you with that contribution. 

For publishing and sharing a dataset, please visit the Open Data research guide.

Please refer to the Guidelines (see the tab on the left side of the screen) for an overview of the types of materials and file formats welcomed, restrictions on file sizes, and policies regarding access and restrictions (copyright, embargoes, multiple postings, and withdrawal).

If you would like assistance, we would be happy to post your contribution for you in your department's section of ScholarWorks@UARK.

Please contact

Usage Statistics

Once you have created your account and your work has been viewed (hits) or downloaded then you will receive a monthly email sharing how many views (hits) and downloads your work has gained. If at any time you want to see your downloads or hits you can access your Author Dashboard by signing into your account.