StaffGuide: Sierra

System status, news, and tips and tricks

Installing the Receipt Printers

The install / config files for the Star Receipt printers (TSP series) are on the Systems folder on Archer:

\\archer\Systems\Millennium Sierra\Printing & Labels\Star receipt printer

Currently, the Libraries have several models of Star printers; all can use the same config / setup files as well the same settings in Sierra:

  • TSP 65II (newest model)
  • TSP 600 (most desks have this model)

Spare / replacement units are available; open a ticket by sending email to 

Setting Up Receipt Printers

The first time you use a particular login on a workstation, you may have to set up a receipt printer. 


To do so:

  1. From the top menu, select File > Select Printer > Receipt Printer
    Choosing a printer
  2. Choose Local Printer
    Choose Local Printer
  3. Select the Star TPS printer
    Choosign printer
  4. On the Page Setup tab, choose 72mm X Receipt size, Portrait orientation, and set the left and right margins at 4mm, top and bottom to 5mm.
    Page Setup
  5. On the Format tab, choose Text (narrow) format, 40 characters per line, 60 lines per page, and 4 lines to eject. 
    Check Print form feed to cut the receipts.
  6. Click OK and you are ready to print receipts.