StaffGuide: Sierra

System status, news, and tips and tricks

Accessing Sierra via a Web Browser

We now have up to 30 simultaneous users on SierraWeb, a web-based alternative to the Sierra desktop client. 

SierraWeb is a great option for access to Sierra staff functions when you are using a mobile device, especially iOS devices where the Sierra Desktop Client cannot be installed. 

Access SierraWeb at

Off campus?  Be sure to sign into the campus VPN before attempting to connect to SierraWeb. 

SierraWeb Functionality

Most Sierra Desktop actions are available in Sierra Web. Your settings, preferences, and permissions will carry over from the Sierra Desktop client.  A few areas to note differences in behavior:


  • You may find that instead of typing a line number or key, you must click a field to edit it. 
  • In SierraWeb, you can use multiple windows only in the Cataloging function.

Exporting Records from a Review File

  • It is not possible to name the export file in SierraWeb.
  • It is not possible to specify the file download location in SierraWeb as the browser settings will control the download location.

Macros and Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Some macros and shortcut keys used in Sierra Desktop are not available in SierraWeb due to keys and keystroke combinations reserved for browser functions. 


  • SierraWeb will use your browser printer settings. 

Troubleshooting Sierra Web

Not connecting or server not responding?

  • If you are off campus, but sure to login to the campus VPN before attempting to connect to SierraWeb.

Logins are case-sensitive

  • Some iOS devices will automatically capitalize the first letter of your login.  Logins must be lower case in Sierra.  You can usually backspace over the capital letter and type a lower case letter instead. 
  • You may have success in disabling the auto-capitalization feature on your iOS device, In some cases, you must disable this feature for both the device and for any external keyboards. Read more about auto-capitalization.