School of Art Lecture Series Research Guide

This guide compiles library resources for further research on visiting speakers in the SOA Lecture Series. Useful for ARTS 1919+1929 drill journal research.

School of Art Lecture Series

The School of Art showcases multiple visiting artists and distinguished scholars on campus. All events are free and open to the public and start at 5:30pm in the Hillside Auditorium on Thursdays.

For more information on upcoming talks and details, visit the School of Art's News and Events.

Want to find out more about the artists featured in the School of Art Lecture Series? Didn't get a chance to write down the name of that book or artist that was mentioned? Use this guide to expand your research.

This guide might be a helpful resource for drill journal assignments in ARTS1919 + 1929, but can be accessed and used for any research purpose.