ARTS 1323: Three Dimensional Design

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This guide is designed to assist you with your research.Let me know if you need help. My contact information is to the right below. I regularly provide in-person research consultations. I often aid drop-in visitors at their point of need, but an appointment will ensure that we meet. And remember to visit the Fine Arts Library—the friendly little library with the 1950s vibe—to browse and check out our fine collection of books and journals.

Renovation of the Fine Arts Library

The Fine Arts Library is scheduled to close at the end of 2022 to begin a renovation that should be finished in 2024.

Some works from the Fine Arts Library will be browsable in Mullins Library, roughly from these categories:

  • Items in the call number range N–ND (moved summer 2022)
  • Items with the call number TR (moved summer 2022)
  • The reference collection (moved summer 2022)
  • Unbound issues of periodicals (moved December 2022)

Other volumes from the Fine Arts Library will be stored in the Library Annex.

All items should be available, although those in the Library Annex must be requested. Please direct questions on locating items to

We look forward to the completion of the new Fine Arts Center, designed by Edward Durell Stone more than seven decades ago. The restored building should be a masterpiece—and the friendly little library with the 1950s vibe shall return.

Quick Links

Boolean Logic / Connectors

Connectors—Use "and" or "or" to specify multiple words in any field when searching a database. Use "not" to exclude words. Be careful with the latter; you may exclude important results because of an unexpected occurrence of the term in the excluded record(s). Some database use "and not" in place of "not."

Examples of Boolean logic:

  • art and gender [both terms must be present]
  • art or history [either term must be present]
  • art not sculpture [the first term must be present without the second term]