History of the Democratic Party Since Jackson


This guide will help you identify sources for your research paper on the history of the Democratic Party.

Jackson Political Barbecue

The political barbecue by Henry Robinson, circa 1834. Lithograph print on wove paper. Political cartoon criticizing President Andrew Jackson. The president has a pig's body, and is shown roasting over the fires of 'Public Opinion' by the figure of Justice. (Photo by: Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images)

To quote from your syllabus:

“Students’ most important single task is to write a research paper of approximately fifteen pages on an important person, episode or event, or issue in the history of the Democratic Party. Topics must be approved by the instructor. Papers should have a limited focus so as to be manageable, but be based on extensive work with “primary” sources, such as newspapers, party platforms, or public records dating from the period under study, correspondence, diaries, or memoirs of relevant individuals, or analysis of data collected at the time. Papers should also show some acquaintance with the most important scholarship bearing on their topic. When using the internet in their research, students should distinguish between credible scholarly sources and unreliable junk, and avoid the latter. Papers must be thoroughly documented with footnotes.”

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Photo of the second of the four presidential debates held during the 1960 presidential election. This debate took place in Washington D.C. at NBC's WRC-TV studios on October 7, 1960. Source: Wikimedia.

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