University Perspectives: Open Educational Resources (OER)

This guide includes links to open educational resources focused on college success and first-year experiences.

Open Education Librarian

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Christine Rickabaugh
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Transitioning to College: Open Educational Resources for Course Use

The resources listed in this box are available for free open use in your UP sections. You may link specific chapters or whole books in Blackboard. You may even download, print, and copy specific chapters to distribute to your students or upload PDFs of chapters into Blackboard if you wish.

Other Alternatives: Library Resources

These resources may be useful as background material or as reading assignments for your students. They are all available online. They are not openly licensed so it is only appropriate to provide links to chapters or the complete book. Downloading the PDF and posting in Blackboard is NOT acceptable due to restrictive agreements with the publishers. However, each user can access the material for themselves via links. You can create links to individual chapters and include them in Blackboard.