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150 Years on the Hill

Downloadable Virtual Backgrounds

About this Guide

Your class may be remote, but you can still put yourself on campus, albeit virtually and at a different time. Download a background and learn a little about the 150 year history of the University of Arkansas. We are giving you a sneak preview from the Special Collections Sesquicentennial digital exhibition "Campus Life and the Life of the Campus: 150 Years on the Hill". Grab a background for your Zoom calls or Microsoft Teams classes or just take a look the rest of the digital exhibit here:

See where we have been; take part in making a better future.


For ease in downloading, each image has an red icon with a title under the description. Click on the title adjacent to the icon to open the desired image in a new window. Right click and save the image(s) of your choice for use as Zoom and/or Microsoft Teams Background(s). Photographs have been sized and proportioned for compatibility.

Physical Culture

   Physical Culture

Old Main's high ceilings  and voluminous spaces accommodated  a remarkable range of activities. A scene of women's "physical culture", 60 years before Title IX, are shown in this portion of a yearbook photocollage from 1911. Photo source: The Cardinal. 1911

The Hill and the Main Building

   The Hill

Without the familiar silhouette of the "Main Building", this landscape of campus in 1906 might be unrecognizable. Photo source: The Cardinal, 1906.

Experimental Garden

Experimental Garden   Experimental Garden

In the earliest days of this land grant institution, agriculture education was a visible presence on the main campus of the University of Arkansas. Students wielding garden implements, are shown working in a large experimental garden. The University of Arkansas has been coeducational since the start. Photo source: The Cardinal, 1909

Vol Walker Reading Room

      Vol Walker Library Reading Room

Vol Walker Hall provided the first purpose-built library on the Fayetteville campus.Current students may recognize this lofty space as one of the design studios in the Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design.Photo source: The Razorback, 1938

University Museum

   Taxidermy at the University Museum

When the building we know as "Old Main" was younger, the University Museum was among the many programs it housed. The University Museum continues to serve the campus, scholars and the community, with collections that number over 7 million objects. These are now cataloged, stored and maintained in the environmentally controlled University of Arkansas Collections Facility. Photo source: Special Collections Picture Collection

Pep Squad

    We've got the Pep!

Before women came to dominate the field of cheerleading, all male pep clubs or squads were already firmly associated with collegiate football. This spirited group  of  University of Arkansas Pep Leaders  in their matching striped uniforms serves as an excellent example. A note further down the page indicates that the stripes are red. The photograph is hand captioned: "We've got the Pep" and " The Arkansas "PeP" Leaders." Photo source: The Razorback, 1916