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Struggling to find and select what topic to choose? If this is the case ask yourself these questions:  

  1. Is there a topic or current issue that I find very interesting and would like to know more about?
  2. Is there something I do not agree with and would like to be able to argue against?
  3. Is there something related to the class that I already know a lot about but would be interested in reading more and finding sources that increase my knowledge and understanding?
  4. Is there a topic or position I am passionate about that I want others to know more about?

Also, you can't ignore building some basic knowledge to get started.  

Tools You Can Use

  • Try a textbook. Check the index for information on the topic.  In a textbook, the basics will be covered to give you a foundation.  
  • Try Google.  Google is good for helping you find basic information on a topic.  Remember however, that it is often difficult to prove the reliability of information on the Web.  Anybody can put up anything they want!  Google can be a good place to start if you need basic info from reliable sources but DO NOT write your research assignment/paper using only sources from Google!
  • Try a reference resource.  The library subscribes to a variety of basic online reference databases that include general reference books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks. Try one of these:  

Research Paper Wizard

The University of Arkansas Libraries Research  Paper Wizard is a tool you can use to help you start and finish your research-based assignment.  It includes a scheduler and links to the best resources for your topic.  If you need step by step guidance through the process of completing a research-based assignment or project, this tool is a great place to start!

Also see this guide on narrowing topics.