Getting Started with Statista

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Statista has a number of ways to filter your results and to make you search more precise

Sort by:

  • Relevance: displays the most relevant content first
  • Date of publication: shows the most recently published content first. (This is the default sorting when searching for infographics)
  • Popularity: shows the most frequently viewed content first.

Location focus:

  • When activated, content from your selected region is prioritized

Search accuracy:

  • Normal: searches for the entered terms by means of an AND connector
  • Wide: searches for the entered terms by means of an OR connector
  • High: displays only the most relevant results of a search for the entered terms using an AND connector

Search operators:

  • Spaces are by default interpreted as AND connectives. You can change this via the Search accuracy selection menu.
  • &, +, |, AND and OR do not function as search operators

Search exact phrases with quotation marks

Use the * search for wildcard searching.