Research Integrity Modules

Steps to enroll

1. Log into Blackboard.

2. Click on the Courses link in the left menu.    

3. Click Course Catalog in the top right.

4. In the Search Catalog box, type Research Integrity for Undergraduates." Click "Go."

5. Hover over the name in the ID column and click on the down arrow that appears.

6. Click Enroll 

7. Click Submit on the resulting page, then Ok. Click Ok again.

The course will either appear under Current Courses, Training, or Non-Credit Courses in Blackboard when you login.

Once you have opened the course in your Blackboard, you will see the three modules: Introduction, Research Misconduct, and Mentor Ethics. Click each link to take that module. You will need to click everything (check boxes, flash cards, tabs, etc.) before you will be able to continue in the course. Once you have reached the bottom of the module, click "Exit Course" to return to Blackboard. The system will automatically log your completion of the course.