JOUR 3923 Government and the Media

A research guide to accompany JOUR 3923 Government and the Media

Research Paper: Popular Press Book Analysis

A 750-word report from a political book of your choice. Required Reading:

You may choose a somewhat recent book, like Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ memoir of her time as White House press secretary, or Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender’s book about the 2020 presidential election. See a list of options below.

If you choose a book not on this list, contact your professor who will let you know if the book will work for this assignment. In either case (choosing from the list or finding your own), you should choose your book carefully. You should be interested in the topic and the book you select must have enough substance to allow you to write the report.

In addition to the above titles that are available through the Libraries, these titles not owned by the University of Arkansas Libraries have been approved and can be requested through Interlibrary Loan. Click the link to the book you want, then sign in with your UARK username and password to order via Interlibrary Loan.