JOUR 3633 Media Law

Research guide to accompany JOUR 3633 Media Law, covering constitutional guarantees, statutory laws and court cases applicable to mass communications.

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Media Law Resources

Media Law is defined as "The legislation through which governments regulate the mass media. It includes issues of censorship, copyright, defamation, broadcast law, and antitrust law. In democracies, media law is seen as a balancing act between two conflicting principles: freedom of expression and constraints laid down in statutes of common law, as in issues of defamation and the national interest." 

Chandler, D., Munday, R.(2011). media law. In A Dictionary of Media and Communication. : Oxford University Press. Retrieved 25 Jan. 2016, from

Nexis Uni has access to much of the case law, opinion, and secondary source searches you will need for your research. Here's a Nexis Uni guide to their database.

Here are some other general resources that you might consult for research in this class.

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