Open Access

Why Your Contribution Matters

Why would you want to support Open Access?  SPARC answers:

"We engage and invest in research in order to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery, encourage innovation, enrich education, and stimulate the economy — to improve the public good. Communication of the results of research is an essential component of the research process; research can only advance by sharing the results, and the value of an investment in research is only maximized through wide use of its results.  Yet, too often, because of cost barriers or use restrictions, research results are not available to the full community of potential users."

Get Involved!

Set an example: Choose Open Access outlets to publish your own work whenever possible and contribute to a disciplinary repository or an institutional repository such as ScholarWorks@UARK. 

Raise awareness:  In conversations with faculty and students, explain how Open Access can raise the visibility and impact of their research. Encourage authors to publish their work in Open Access journals and to place their work in an Open Access repository. Remind colleagues about the University of Arkansas Open Access Policy.

Support events on campus: During International Open Access Week, publicize and participate in events sponsored by University Libraries. 

[Adapted from the SPARC Open Access Fact Sheet]

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