PLSC 3263 Latino Politics

This guide contains recommended databases and tools to aid in the course research

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Subjects: Criminal Justice

Journal Databases

Search Strategies

The databases the Libraries' offers allows you to search for articles, chapters, company profiles and stocks analysis in full text in many cases (anything the University doesn't have you can request from InterLibrary Loan ).

What are some ways to get more out of your searching?

Boolean operators : AND  OR   NOT

  • AND will narrow your search to include all the keywords you are using
  • Example: Nike and shoes
  • OR   will broaden your search to include any of the keywords you are using
  • Example:  shoes or footwear
  • NOT will narrow your search to limit all the results to those that do not contain the keyword
  • Example: shoes not apparel

Truncated searching : *     !

  • Truncation  expands the search to include all the forms of a root word
  • The tool for truncation does vary from database to database, but the asterisk * or the exclamation point ! are most common
  • Example: industr* will return results for industry, industries, industrial, industrialized, industrialization

Grouping with parenthesis : (A or B) and C

  • By grouping your search terms with parenthesis you can describe the relationship the keywords have to the boolean operator
  • Example: (shoes or footwear) and Nike