Getting Started with PsycINFO

Cited authors in PsycINFO

There are three ways to find who has cited an author in PsycINFO.

1) Do an author search with the author's last name. Find an article you know is by that author, then click on the author's name within the citation. This should find the articles by the author in that database. Then, look to see if there is a link under the citations that says Times cited (x), with X being the number of times cited. Click on the link to see what articles have cited that work.

Article by Ward Edwards, cited more than 500 times, showing link to those articles

2) Use the Cited References search at the top of the page. Put in the author's name, then search as before.

3) Look in the author index to find the forms of an author's name. Check them off, add them to a search, then look for Times cited as in #1.

Authors' names and cited references

Authors' names can vary in the way that they are recorded and cited. The author index in PsycINFO will give you the various forms of an author's name, and then you can select the various choices and get a more comprehensive author search.

For example: Love, Craig has five articles attributed to him in the author index, but Love, Craig T. has ten-- and they are probably the same author. Check for variations.

Be careful. Common last names and initials can still cause confusion among authors.

Cited reference searches in PsycINFO will show you what works by a particular author have been cited, and how many times. It only includes the times that the work has been cited in the journals that are included in PsycINFO, however. Places where an author has been cited may not always appear if an author is not the sole or first author.

Web of Science is another database that shows cited authors-- it covers a different set of journals than PsycINFO.