COMM 2373 - Introduction to Debate

This guide is designed to assist users in finding materials to assist in debate research at the University of Arkansas

What is a Citation?

A citation (or reference) is a short, multi-part description of a source. A good citation will lead the reader to the source of the information.

See our video on How to Read a Citation for assistance in understanding the parts of a citation.

The Time is Now!

In debate, it is essential to create and retain citations for your sources.Collecting your citations while you are gathering your resources will save you valuable time.

How Do I Cite?

Citations are usually created to conform to a specific style. In that manner, researchers have a common language for writing and understanding citations.

Communication classes use the following manual which is available at the Mullins Help Desk.

Why Should I Cite?

It is important to cite your research - even the information you have found on the web. Your citations identify the sources that you have consulted and show the scope and quality of your research.

Databases Can Help You!

Many databases provided by the libraries have a "Cite" feature built in. When you are looking at the detailed information for an item that is of interest to you, look for a link or button for citing. If the link is available, you will see a screen which provides you with a handy APA style citation that you can cut and paste into your bibliography.

See our Video on Citing Your Resources Using Database Tools for more information

Use citation managers to help keep your sources organized. The library subscribes to both RefWorks and Endnote Web (through Web of Knowledge). Many databases will allow you to upload citations directly into these services. 

Citation Managers

Citation managers are software programs that help you save and organize citations. They are helpful for large research projects using 20 or more citations, but are not really a time saver for smaller projects. Here are some commonly used citation managers.