A guide to maps in Mullins Library and on the Web.

About Geologic Maps

Geologic maps show the composition and structure of earth materials and their distribution across and beneath the Earth’s surface. Geologic maps are Geologic Map of Arkansasuseful to locate natural resources, facilitate land-use planning and identify natural hazards.  

Several types of geologic maps and charts have been created by USGS, including Geological Quadrangle Maps (similar to topographic quadrangles), coal, oil and gas investigations, and land use and land cover maps.

You can learn more about geologic maps at these sites:

Online Geologic Maps

Print Geologic Maps

USGS geologic maps are housed in filing cabinets in  the Lindley and Kaneaster Hodges, Jr.,Periodicals Room on the Lobby Level.  These are arranged by map series, then in call number order (SuDoc) for the map series, and by map number within the individual series. The finding guide on top of the file cabinet will help you locate the map you need. 

Maps that accompany journal, books, reports or theses are stored flat in cabinets, usually in our offtsite annex  location They are stamped “The accompanying maps are stored in the Map Cases”, and some will have a similar note in their library catalog record. The map will also be stamped “The accompanying text is stored in the stacks, under the same call number”.