COMM 2343 Introduction to Small-Group Communication

A resource guide for Small Group Communication

Introduction to Journal Articles

Articles, especially those appearing in scholarly journals, are good sources of information for academic writing.

Many assignments require students to limit their search to scholarly or peer-reviewed articles. "Peer-reviewed," "scholarly," "academic," and "refereed" are often used interchangeably to describe manuscripts that undergo expert review before publication. Many academic databases. such as Ebsco Academic Search Complete and ProQuest Central, allow you to limit your search to scholarly or peer-reviewed journals.

Want to know more about peer review? Watch this short video on YouTube.

The Libraries have many additional articles that are suitable for research. Magazines, newspapers, and trade publications are often indexed along with scholarly journals in many databases.To include these types of materials in your search, don't select the option to limit to scholarly or peer-reviewed resources.

Want to know more about the difference between scholarly publications and popular magazines? Watch this brief video.

Find articles in these subject-specific databases and journals for a more narrow search

Companions & Reference

Full Text Newspapers & Periodicals

Finding Articles in Communication Society Journals

When performing research for any field, it is often useful to review the articles from the top journals in that field. As you become a communication professional, you may very well join a society and subscribe to its publication.You may also wish to further your career by publishing in prestigious journals in your field. Here are some organizations that publish in the Communication field.