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This guide provides information and links to DMP guidelines and tools

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Data Management Plans

Data Management Plans are excellent for organizing and managing data for any project and are now  essential components to funding requests to granting agencies. To make writing the plans easier, we are providing links to funder guidelines along with tools and tips that can guide the way.

Machine Actionable DMPs

Data management plans (DMPs) are documents accompanying research proposals and project outputs. DMPs are created as textual narratives and describe the data and tools employed in scientific investigations. Machine Actionable DMPs (maDMPs) take the DMP concept further by using PIDs and PIDs services to connect all resources associated with a DMP.

The goal of a machine-actionable DMP is to facilitate a research data management (RDM) system that allows data and information about research to be communicated and shared across stakeholders, linking metadata, repositories, and institutions.

Create a id for your DMP using the DMPTool and link your DMP information to your ORCiD account!

DMP Tool

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This tool allows you to use ready made templates designed to fulfill the requirements of granting agencies.

In addition to general assistance, you can register as a member of the University of Arkansas community and receive tips from our experts or request a review of your DMP.

Additional tools

Here are other tools that can help you: