Getting Started with Knovel

Knovel resources, searching and personalization

What Is My Knovel

My Knovel allows you to organize and manage saved content of all types. You can save searches, favorite books, interactive tools and web content to Knovel which can be organized into project folders.

This is a great way for you to create a central location that can be easily accessed, to gather together all your most frequently used resources (e.g. databases, standards, online searches, ebooks).

Setting Up My Knovel - Updated

Off Campus?

The first time you log into Knovel through our OpenAthens service, A My Knovel account will be automatically created for you. This is based on a unique numeric identifier associated with your UARK account.

You can updae your personal details and merge your OpenAthens-created My Knovel account with any previously-created My Knovel accounts using your UARK email address. Read more...

On Campus?

Sign up for “My Knovel” by creating a profile using your UARK email address. First click on the My Knovel tab and then click Register. Once you have completed the personal information form, click Sign up. You should then be taken to your My Knovel page.
If you experience difficulties when registering for My Knovel please contact Knovel Support at and ask them to check your account.

About My Knovel

The options available with My Knovel are:

My Saved Searches

This allows you to save search queries, so that they can be re-executed at a later time.

My Bookshelf

This allows you to save titles within Knovel that you view frequently and organize them into folders.

My Saved Content

This allows you to save and organize content. For example material you are using for a particular project.

These can be accessed via the Knovel homepage, which displays a quick view of My Saved Searches, My Bookshelf and My Saved Content. By clicking on the items you can re-execute a search or view the titles or chapters displayed. You can also access these options my clicking on the My Knovel tab, which will take you to your My Knovel page,