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Databases -- These tools help to identify articles from journals and presentations from conferences.  They are likely to be more comprehensive than Google or Google Scholar; they allow modification and iteration of searches, and the use of a controlled vocabulary.

Other resources:

For CVEG 3413

The following are now available on the HCM 2010 Volume 4 website ( in the "Methodological Details" area:

  • Chapter 35, Active Traffic and Demand Management - (This is an expanded version of the original Chapter 35.)
  • Chapter 36, Travel Time Reliability and Chapter 37, Travel Time Reliability: Supplemental
  • Chapter 38, Managed Lane Facilities

To access these chapters, please ask to be logged in by reference staff at the Research Assistance desk in Mullins Library.

The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices is freely available on the web.  It is also available and searchable through Knovel.

Related Research Guides

TRB Annual Meeting (Conference)

The Transportation Research Board meets every year in January.  The proceedings of the meeting (sometimes called a conference) are published on CD-ROM and distributed to the attendees. The Libraries are not always able to purchase a copy, but must rely on donations from attendees.  If you get one, feel free to donate your copy to our library.

TRB announced they would no longer publish via DVDs or thumb drives as of 2015.  Here is the information for access. The Libraries may not have access to this resource due to the TRB's publication policies.

Years that are available for check out can be found through our catalog.  If on CD ROM or DVD you will find them in the Performing Arts and Media Library located on the bottom floor (Level One) of Mullins Library.