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Hello! My name is Anna, and I am the Business and Entrepreneurship Librarian in Mullins Library. I am your go-to librarian for all things business, connecting you to our library's services and collections. I am here to build and promote the library’s business collection, as well as support students and faculty in all their business research needs. If you need assistance please send me an email or schedule a research appointment with me.

This research guide was designed as a starting point for library resources. Browse through the tabs on the left to discover resources, find information, and learn how to research in business disciplines. 

Accounting Research

The Accounting Research Guide is here to help you locate library resources as well as free online sources for researching accounting related topics. Accounting research focuses on gathering, analyzing, and interpreting financial data to aid in decision-making processes within businesses, government agencies, or individual practices. It's a field that combines quantitative analysis with regulatory standards and ethical considerations. 

This guide provides sources such as

  • Scholarly Journals and Databases
  • Financial Statements and Reports
  • Industry, Market, and Company Reports

Accounting research differs from other disciplines in various ways including

  • Regulatory Focus
  • Quantitative Emphasis
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Interdisciplinary Nature
  • Practical Application

This research guide is just a starting point and these resources can help navigate the unique aspects of accounting research effectively, offering tools for both theoretical exploration and practical application. Use the links and resources provided here to dive into your research!

Additional Resources

In addition to library resources, students, staff, and faculty members of Walton College of Business have access to databases maintained by Walton College.

See all library research guides here or browse some getting started business library research guides below. 

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