BMEG: 4713 Cardiovascular Devices

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Databases -- These tools help identify articles from journals and presentations from conferences that might interest you.They improve on Google and Google Scholar searching in the depth (including older materials) and breadth of the search pool (more than what specific authors have posted). they allow modification of searches and use a controlled vocabulary, like MeSH headings in Medline. Other databases frequently have preferred terminology whether or not they are called subject headings-- it's usually worth checking, and especially if you haven't found what you hoped for, yet.

General information about medical devices is available through books, encyclopedias, and other secondary resources:

Find standards and test methods related to your device:


And if/when we don't own that article or book? (please check first)

Need information about clinical trials?


When biomedical devices fail it can become big news. Here are some examples of articles found in news and legal sources that can lead to choice of device and/or material to investigate. Use the "find articles" or "background resources" tabs to search appropriate databases for similar leads. Though a general web search might also find leads, the information may not be reputable or in academic resources suitable for this class assignment.