BMEG: 4713 Cardiovascular Devices

Getting started: Different resources for different devices

Devices being used in this class are listed. In most cases, each device has an associated literature source. These resources are examples of the TYPES of literature, but do not have to be the only sources to use.

  1. Emboli Prevention System for cardiac procedures
  2. Transcatheter aortic valve
  3. Transcatheter mitral valve (in development)
  4. Stroke retrieval device
  5. Endvascular aneurysm repair device
  6. Autotransfusion system
  7. Pediatric atrial septal defect closure device
  8. Left ventricular assist device
  9. Cardiac ablation system
  10. Coronary artery stent

Diagram from Brantigan, J W, US2015306377 (A1)

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Review and Background Articles

Facts and Figures