CHEG 2133: Fluid Mechanics

Resources and faculty recommend links for students in chemical engineering fluid mechanics at the University of Arkansas

Friction Factors

"The friction factor is sometimes expressed in terms of the Fanning friction factor, which is one-fourth of the Moody friction factor. In some references the Moody friction factor is used, in others, the Fanning friction factor is used. Care must be exercised to avoid inadvertent use of the wrong friction factor."  [1]

[1] Arnold, Ken; Stewart, Maurice (1999). Surface Production Operations. Volume 1 - Design of Oil-Handling Systems and Facilities. Elsevier. Online

Vapor Pressure Using Antoine's Equation

The Antoine equation for vapor pressure as a function of temperature is:

log10 P = A – B/(T + C) (1)

where P = vapor pressure, mm Hg
A, B, and C = Antoine coefficients
T = temperature, C

The links below provide access to tables and interactive graphs based on this equation for many compounds. All are provided through Knovel. You may search for this and related property information using the Knovel link on this page.

Properties of Solvents

Useful inteactive table of the Industrial Solvents Handbook from William Andrew Publishing/Noyes are available though our subscription to Knovel.

Dimensions, Capacities, and Weights of Standard Steel Pipe

Thermodynamic and Physical Properties