GNEG 1311: Honors Research

Resources for Freshman Engineering Honors Colloquium

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About This Guide

Welcome to the GNEG Honors: Research and Innovation  Guide. This guide is intended to help you find the proper resources to assist you with your course work and research. This is your one-stop shop for quality information. Click the appropriate tab on the left to find what you need.

For more assistance or to set up a consultation with the Engineering Librarian, Jay McAllister, or send him an email.

Below are some good tools to get accustomed with such as Interlibrary Loan & Quicksearch. 

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These useful Research Guides can guide you to various resources:
Background materials (secondary science literature):

Research articles can be found using library databases:

Gray Literature (primary and secondary science literature):

For assistance in citing any sources, see the link below:

Remember you can also ASK for assistance. We're happy to help.