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What is Reputation Management

Reputation management is the act of shaping the perception of your work by managing the messages that describe your work. Controlling your message can help you demonstrate impact in the academic landscape by showcasing your research in a orderly manner.  

Creating a Good Reputation

  • Keep your sites (and CV) updated!
  • Link to openly available versions of your publications, embed video or audio of you teaching or talking, or include a slide deck from a recent presentation,
  • Link your profiles
  • Include a short bio and a photo as well as your CV
  • List conferences and events you frequently attend so that people interested in collaboration will know where to find you in person.
  • Consider adding a research blog.

How do researcher IDs and scholarly accounts relate to my metrics

Many scholarly reputation sites also provide metrics. Please note that these metrics are reflective of the scope of the site and in many cases do not fully indicate the impacts of all of your scholarly production.

Publishing, Promoting Your Research, and Building Your Reputation

This advisory service is available without charge to U of A postdocs and graduate students as well as all faculty, regardless of discipline, status, or rank.

The Basic Package – Publishing Books and Journal Articles

  • Identifying suitable book publishers and journals
  • Preparing book proposals or articles
  • Walking through the publishing process – submitting the proposal or article, undergoing peer review, revising the manuscript, writing a response to reviews, negotiating a publishing agreement

The Enhanced Package – Building a Professional Reputation

Create a flexible, personalized strategic plan for building a professional reputation. This service includes the basic package but the scope expands beyond immediate project to long-term goals.

  • Identifying long-term career goals
  • Identifying both core and peripheral audiences as well as venues for reaching them
  • Cultivating opportunities to disseminate research and scholarship through blogs, webinars, conferences, local presentations; collaborating with University Relations
  • Promoting achievements by submitting work for awards, posting to social media, winning recognition from prestigious societies

To make an appointment, please contact Melody Herr, PhD, Office of Scholarly Communications, University Libraries at this email address:

For more than 16 years,  Melody worked as an acquiring editor at a series of university presses. She worked side-by-side with authors, from graduate students through emeritus faculty, from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, to publish their research. Since early 2016, she has served as Head of the Office of Scholarly Communications. She provides expertise on scholarly communications topics and the basics of publishing research through webinars, workshops, online guides, and one-on-one consultations. As a scholar, she not only publishes her own books and articles but also gives presentations at other universities and conducts webinars and conference workshops.