HIST 4893: Americanization and Anti-Americanism Since 1776

This guide is designed to aid senior capstone students with their research on Americanization and Anti-Americanism. It includes primary and secondary resources related to American history, American Exceptionalism, the America's relationship with the rest


Tehran Embassy Takeover 1979

 Iranian protesters burn the American flag while storming the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, 1979. Accessed of the National Security Archive: https://nsarchive.gwu.edu/briefing-book/iran/2019-11-04/1979-iran-hostage-crisis-recalled. 

This guide is designed to help history students conduct research, find and use primary and secondary sources, and organize their work. It has been tailored to fit the needs of senior capstone "Americanization and Anti-Americanism, but the information is useful for anyone conducting historical research.