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Special Collections Instruction

This guide provides information on the instructional services provided by the University of Arkansas Special Collections.

Virtual Instruction Options

Special Collections can offer virtual instruction in 2 forms: synchronous and asychronous. We also offer tutorial videos for various digital collections and online tools.

Synchronous virtual instruction: A member of Special Collections leads an instruction session for your class online on the faculty member's preferred platform during the scheduled time of your regular class meeting. The type of instruction can vary but often includes a virtual walk through of online resources (i.e. finding aids, primary source databases, digital collections) and may include group activities using online tools like Padlet.

Asynchronous virtual instruction: A member of Special Collections creates an online module for your class that can be assigned outside of class time and completed individually by each student at any time. Asynchronous modules tend to be a combination of videos, surveys, and independent online activities but can be tailored to the needs of the course.

Synchronous Instruction Modules

Asynchronous Special Collections Modules

Tutorial Videos