Getting Started with Arduino

ELEGOO Lesson 5 - Controlling a Digital Input

Page 55 of the ELEGOO Super Starter Manual.

In this lesson, you will learn to use push buttons with digital inputs to turn an LED on and off.
Pressing the button will turn the LED on; pressing the other button will turn the LED off.

Component Required:
(1) x Elegoo Uno R3
(1) x 830 Tie-points Breadboard
(1) x 5mm red LED
(1) x 220 ohm resistor
(2) x push switches
(7) x M-M wires (Male to Male jumper wires)

Code Access:

Download and open the Code Zip file and follow the directory path:

Code > Lesson 5 Digital Inputs > Digital_Inputs > Click on the Digital_Inputs Arduino File and it should automatically open the Arduino IDE interface with the code for the lesson.